Create, Manage and Track  your content with Kruntch

Distribute content on your terms. If monitoring usage and licensing compliance are important to you, you might want to consider centrally hosting your training courses or social media content on Kruntch.

Kruntch will allow delivery of your content to 3rd party LMS via proxy files, which point back to the content on Kruntch servers. This gives you more control and a bird’s eye view over how many people access your content, the version accessed, time and region.  Kruntch has controlled distribution with built-in licensing tools, usage reporting, seamless content versioning tools, and content analytics.

You have Content? Kruntch it now

Kruntch has been carefully designed to cater to both businesses and Individuals who would like to Protect, track, manage and eventually Commercialise their content.


An enterprise desktop environment for Business content/data

Social Media

A Mobile App integrated to social media platforms for contents by individuals.

The Benefits of Kruntch

Give users instant access to your content

Kruntch makes it easy to search and discover premium content available within the digital marketplaces. LMS administrators and social media content creators will love all the resources at their fingertips. Learners and content consumers on different platforms will have instant access to all the training & content they need, exactly when they need it.

No Coding or Complex Integration work

We’ve have done all the complex work for you. No coding, no complex integration with your Legacy Apps or individual content libraries is required on your end, so you’ve got more time to focus on what’s important: delivering even more valuable content right to your audience.

Simple “Pay as you go” API connection

Connecting a single API to your content, Kruntch is built on flexible “pay as you go”  purchase option technology, ensures that Businesses, Individuals and their audience can access and pay for just what they need.

More efficient and flexible content management

Kruntch controlled distribution allows you to deliver proxy files to customers so they can access content in their system of choice, while the content is protected and stays on Kruntch servers.

You will Love Kruntch
for Business

Kuntch for Business was created primarily for e-Learning content creators. Whether you create custom eLearning courses for clients or you publish off-the-shelf content for the general public, you need to be sure that your customers can access your courses in the format they desire. This means delivering content that’s compatible with Learning management systems that supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI, cmi5 or AICC. However, how do you truly ensure your content is compatible with their system? secondly, how do you maintain control of your content, once delivered? If you have been looking for answers to these questions, then Kruntch for Business is right for you.

Influencers Love Kruntch For
Social Media

Gain insights on content usage; Kruntch for social media allows influencers to gain insights on content usage and sharing. As an influencer, you are able to see the number of hits/accesses on your content across various social media platforms. Centrally hosting your content not only makes them easier to maintain, it also gives you a single place to collect all of your reporting and commercial data. Kruntch helps you monetize your content by limiting access to paid customers. However, a preview is seen by all. Kruntch provides aggregate reports of hits on content across the entire social media world, and in-depth usage and monetary analytics for your content.

Kruntch Enabled Platforms

Why Use Kruntch APIs?

Kruntch has readymade plugins that make it easy for you to manage and track content sent to your customers and third-party platforms. With a single API wrapped into your content, your audience can get instant access to the content they need with your authorization. Establish a birds eye view over accesses, sharing and monetization of your content with Kruntch and no custom integration work is required.

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