Address Verification & Logistics Application

Veritos is a mobile address verification and validation application that helps banks and their field agents. It also validates the addresses submitted by customers and validates the associated account ready for business transactions.


Veritos mobile address verification and Logistics application is a bespoke application specifically designed for the KYC and Logistics industry. It helps to eliminate the challenges companies face with KYC compliance. Veritos also helps Logistics companies with faster delivery service and more efficient operation of their logistics services. Veritos  provides an array of valuable features designed to save you time and money:

  • Validates, corrects and standardizes addresses of new accounts for financial institutions
  • Helps bulk verification of backlog of unverified addresses
  • Eliminate duplicate address conflict with GPS coordinates for logistics companies.
  • Easily integrated into virtually any application housing customer address database
  • Offers integrated real-time address validation processing with smart APIs
  • Allows seamless compliance with CBN address verification policy
  • Promotes greater efficiency, lower costs and increased ROI for address related processes
  • Is fully scalable to the size of your organization, including multi-vendor environments

3 Steps to High Quality Address Database

Veritos addresss cleansing process requires the use of a number of different algorithms, each performing a related, through unique part of the address validation process. Veritos algorithms collectively:


Parse the address
and break it into its individual components
(i;e name, house number, street name, city name, state name)


Standardize the data
of each individual component so that
it matches the format of the official postal database to be referenced


the now standardized address
against the official customer
address database

Integration Method

Veritos mobile App is hosted in the cloud, downloaded via Google Play Store, but will be integrated with your customer address database. Veritos will automatically extract addresses to be verified from the database for seamless population of the App.

How It works


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