Tangerine LMS Vs Udemy

Strictly speaking, an “online course platform” like udemy and a “learning management system” i.e Tangerine LMS are two distinct things, although the terms are often used interchangeably. The main difference between the two is how each handles the learning approach.

The term “online course platform” is actually fairly broad and can be used to refer to any platform that has educational materials users can view. Any platform that includes a listing of courses, resources, or modules for learning could be considered an online course platform.

One important caveat we might put on this definition is that the platform has to actually host the courses that are listed. So a directory that just has course listings but no course content would not be an online course platform.

Learning management systems, in contrast, are platforms with modules specifically focused on the delivery and engagement of educational content. LMS platforms not only host courses but also have tools for training and development so learners and educators can have a more comprehensive educational experience. Common LMS tools include course schedules, assessments, navigable course pages, and interactive resources.

So while all learning management systems are online course platforms, not all online course platforms are learning management systems. Learning management systems are more specialized and put a larger emphasis on the delivery, development, and engagement of educational content.

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