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Tangerine Learning Management System is a SCORM compatible eLearning platform designed to help organizations facilitate the administration, documentation, tracking and reporting of online training to its learning community. See amazing features needed to achieve your training goals.

Allows LMS Administrator to coordinate and manage training, register users, define groups, assign courses and monitor all training activities from a central location.

Tangerine LMS can use same sign-on credentials as all enterprise application in your company. Tangerine LMS supports LDAP & Active Directory, HRMS and third-party applications.

An extensive and dynamic system for creating and disseminating assessments. Assessments are created by combining multiple question types from a central pool. The test modules supports the following type of questions: multiple choice, true/false, free text, drag and drop.

Generate basic and extended reports that give you insights on everything within your eLearning environment, individual Learning progress and overall performance. You are able to see a timeline of all system actions by whom and when. Export report to Excel or PDF when needed for management review.

Assigning multiple users to a course has never been easy; Tangerine LMS offers training managers the flexibility of assigning bulk users to courses by simply uploading them from a spreadsheet into the LMS platform.

  • Administrator
  • Curriculum Developer/Professor
  • User/Staff

Tangerine LMS comes with personalized dashboards for users when logged into the platform, in turn allowing provision of information in a quick, user-friendly and simple way. The Dashboard serves as the platform homepage. It generally includes all the information and Modules that users are required access quickly.

Allows users to self-enroll, select desired courses, determine their learning pace and complete self test & quizzes. Perfect for Contract Staff and learners outside the company network

Design user certificates upon completion and allow users to print upon successful completion of a course or assessment. The certificate serves as proof that the user has completed and passed the training or test.

  • Private/group chats
  • Forums
  • Email Notifications
  • Push notifications on Mobile

This allows the administrator(s) to have full control over contents in the LMS by requiring administrator approval of all uploaded contents prior to access by users..

This is an advanced option (a unique group key) that can be set for a group, which can be shared with the students to allow them to register for a group’s classes and it has an optional limit of the maximum key uses.

Easily Customisable – including the look and feel of the LMS with company logos, custom themes, fonts, colors, brand messaging, legal disclaimers etc.

Schedule courses in advance and automatically remind staff of upcoming eLearning Programs. Reminder about scheduled trainings could be on a weekly, monthly or user specified basis.


Bring learning to life with Badges, Points, Levels and Rewards. Tangerine LMS graphical analysis of system activities, top performers, most active users, most viewed courses, user feedbacks etc., for reward programs or commendation on employee participation creates a gaming atmosphere for your learning community through the Leaderboard.

Tangerine is highly scalable and able to connect to other Learning Platforms such as Edx, Alison, and Youtube. Allows users of an organization to fulfill personal development goals and take advantage of free learning materials.

  • Upload SCORM files
  • Upload Zipped Files
  • Upload MS Word
  • Upload PowerPoint
  • Upload Excel Spreadsheet
  • Upload PDF
  • On-site Deployment

Tangerine is deployed on the hardware and network resources provided by the client. Organizations can leverage on existing network infrastructure.

  • Off-Site /Cloud Hosting Deployment

This model offers a zero investment in infrastructure to organizations; Zercom Systems will host Tangerine LMS on behalf of your organization.

Tangerine Mobile

Tangerine Mobile offers individuals the luxury of learning anywhere, anytime. Learners can access their courses and take assessments on-the-go.


Interactive e-Learning Courses

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

Tangerine LMS is pre-loaded with global e-Learning courses that will satisfy your basic training requirements right after implementation. Get instant access to hundreds of business soft skills and specialized courses, with topics that will always be essential for business success.

You can also purchase thousands of off-the-shelf e-learning courses from our e-learning content partners. We have a growing collection of 2500 plus course titles from over 40 different Publishers around the world. Ask us about our subscription model.

Content Conversion

Allow us to convert your in-house content into highly interactive training courses. Eliminate competency gaps by converting your induction programs, standard operating procedures (SOPs), company policies and processes, Regulatory Compliance training into global standard e-Learning programs. We will convert your PowerPoint, MS word, PDF documents and upload seamlessly into your Learning Management System (LMS). See our 4 step content conversion process:

Planning &
Content Gathering

Story Boarding &
Instructional Design

Development &

Integration &

Our development strategy allows us to design your content with memory retention techniques, user engagement tools that grab learner’s attention, participation objects, and visuals to aid information retrieval.

Scenarios, Role Play, Animations, Assessments and Gamification all come standard with Tangerine developed courses, and they are all SCORM/AICC compatible.


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