Have you heard of the term IoB?

Imagine if you bought flowers for your mother on mothers day, then a week to your wife’s birthday, you start receiving messages and suggestions on your devices if you would like to get her the same type of flowers for her as well, from specific florist around you, including alternative suggestions to take her to your favorite restaurant for dinner, and the reservations can be made for you with a single click on your Phone.

This means your personal information about your mum’s birth date, the flowers you got her, the florist you got it from,  your wife’s birth date, and your favorite restaurants etc. are all being captured, and its used to market new products to you.  This technology is about to change everything we do. It is almost like someone knows what we are thinking before we act on it.

It is the collection and use of data to drive behaviors is called the Internet of Behaviors (IoB).  An example of it is industrial sites having employed computer vision to determine if employees were complying with mask protocol and then collecting this behavioral data to be analyzed by the organizations to influence people to follow government protocols at work.

IoB can gather, combine and process data from many sources including:

  • Citizen data processed by public-sector
  • Commercial customer data
  • Government agencies
  • Social media
  • Public domain
  • Location tracking.

The increasing sophistication of the technology that processes these data is making it a growing trend. The data collection  provides valuable information about customer behaviors, interests and preferences; it attempts to understand the data collected from users’ online activity from a behavioral psychology perspective. It seeks to address the question of how to understand the data, and how to apply that understanding to create and market new products, all from a human psychology perspective.

Do we love or hate this Technology?

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