Cutting Edge

We are an innovative Tech Company, utilizing state of the art technology to improve efficiency and productivity in organizations.

Our Cutting Edge Technology solutions enable our clients to lower cost and deliver better value to their customers.

Our Mission

To help customers build innovative technology.

Our Vision

To provide easy access to customized technology.

Core Values

We work with T.I.S.A It defines us.

Our Core Values

Zercom Systems’ core values (TISA), defines what our organization stands for and what drives our behavior. They serve to attract the right customers, and retain the right partners and people, and in doing so provides greater value in our services. In essence, our core values, are our true competitive advantage!


A commitment to encourage communication and the flow of ideas for a common goal, demonstrating an open mind to creativity and support for each other.


Think ahead, challenge existing practices. We don’t think outside the box, we think of what we can do with the box. We develop new Ideas and technology solutions for the future business of our customers.


Respond first, Act fast. Speed is the essence of our business . We act fast and deliver Technology with pace, ensuring an excellent level of responsiveness to our clients to meet our goal of timeliness


Holding ourselves accountable for our actions, results and errors. We hold each other accountable and take responsibility for our work. Team encouragement and positive reinforcement allows us to deliver hitch free projects and products.

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Learning management system, Mobile Learning App,Content Conversion.

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Comprehensive Monitoring and Management services for ATM networks.

Mobile address verification and validation application with GPS authentication.

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Your Business needs a reliable Tech company like ours.