How to provide Technical Support


While IT personnel are not necessarily subordinates to other employees, they do maintain a sort of customer service position. Providing IT support to employees is an important task for any IT department in a company. This allows people in the company to perform their tasks efficiently and increase the company’s productivity. So how can they do that job better? Here are  tips any IT department should consider. 

Don’t Tolerate Abuse
It’s easy for people to get frustrated, especially those who work in high-pressure jobs. In some cases, this can mean taking frustrations out on other people, like IT staff. While many executives view IT department staff as subordinates, that doesn’t mean they are servants. IT department managers and heads should not tolerate abuse from other departments, especially those who verbally abuse employees.

Be Professional
Because IT departments handle mostly internal matters, it’s easy to be casual or even brusque when it comes to handling requests. IT personnel, however, should always project a professional, or even a friendly tone, when responding to requests. A courtesy can go a long way.


Provide a Time Frame
Let people know when an issue will be fixed. Again, this is something that may seem like common sense, but few people actually take the time to send a message to the person requesting support once the issue is fixed. Not only is this courteous, but it also gives a time stamp and a paper trail should other issues arise.

Seek Feedback
Any department or company wants to know how they are doing and how they can improve their services. After resolving a request, it’s a good idea to solicit feedback from the employee. Have a link ready to a form or simply ask them what they thought of the service.

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